Thursday, April 22, 2010

why not here?

Really, it's not about the bike.

Seems redundant to post a video like that and think of it in terms of Bend, OR.  After all, we regard ourselves as an uber-fit town.  But, all of these runners, bikers, hikers, skate-skiers are for the most part, driving to work, driving their kids to school, driving down the street to the store.

Some might say that's a poor example.  And, not everyone is an uber-athlete.  Those citizens are also driving everywhere. 

What can the city or county do to "drive" more transport to active, instead of passive?  I'm asking you.  What?

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carol said...

Two things, I think, would be a great start: first, improve crossings of 3rd street for bikes and pedestrians, and second, complete our streets so that they are built to serve bikes and pedestrians as well as cars. Oh, and a third thing! let's get or keep the basic services and stores we have close enough to our homes so that we don't have to travel more than 2 miles to get to them. Thanks for asking, Peebo!