Wednesday, April 14, 2010

not that kind of cyclist

As you navigate the streets of Bend, either in car, on bike or foot, or by bus, please note that while most bike/walk advocates want people to get out of the car and bike/walk, we want you to do it in a smart fashion.

Riding down the sidewalk, using cross-walks, no helmet wearing, i-pod listening to, against traffic, not keeping a proper look-out, is NOT the kind of biking at issue. That kind of biking is a hazard to all commuters, regardless of mode. Rogue riders make it hard to advocate to receptive listeners.

Please take a moment to distinguish in your mind between what I describe above and the responsible road-way user who rides with traffic, on the street, using a bike lane when possible, (could be wearing a helmet if they are an adult, and choose to), not wearing an i-pod, and are actually paying attention to traffic...all traffic.

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