Thursday, April 22, 2010

why not here?

Really, it's not about the bike.

Seems redundant to post a video like that and think of it in terms of Bend, OR.  After all, we regard ourselves as an uber-fit town.  But, all of these runners, bikers, hikers, skate-skiers are for the most part, driving to work, driving their kids to school, driving down the street to the store.

Some might say that's a poor example.  And, not everyone is an uber-athlete.  Those citizens are also driving everywhere. 

What can the city or county do to "drive" more transport to active, instead of passive?  I'm asking you.  What?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

everyone can share

Door hangers, or handle-bar hangers.  I figured I stood a better than average chance of a beat-down if I were to go attaching them to one's car/bike.  Posting them is safer.  Courtesy cuts both ways.