Monday, August 27, 2007

there is no someday

My wife bought me this righteous shirt at her home-town's bike shop. Nothing fancy on the front, but on the back it reads:

See? There is no "Someday" so get out there and ride.

That is logic that even my five-year-old daughter can understand. If it is still unclear, email me and I will get you an answer someday.


Sunday, August 26, 2007

dancing to heroin

Today I rode from Salem to St. Paul and back. 43.3 miles. Hwy 219 is sweet...nice big shoulders means plenty of room for my tubby arse to ride safely. I saw hordes of cyclists pedaling north.

I rode hwy 221 last Jan. up to Dayton and back, no shoulders, just a fog stripe. I saw no cyclists. Now I know why. 219 is like a dream. St. Paul is the halfway point to Tualatin, I think, so could be the route I take if I head to P-Town for the night. I was making 18mph into head winds on the up, and averaged 23mph on the ride south.

Post-ride, I am chillaxin in Lefty's Pizza over a Dead_Guy ale and all I can eat za. Currently, I am thinking of Soko and Kroon.

I also learned this week that True Faith by New Order is about heroin use. Sweet. Every time I dance(d) to that song, I dance to drug use. And not even good drugs. What is even crazier, the B-side to True Faith, nineteen63, was written from Jackie's perspective.

I remember the day I learned that my favorite 80's band, Alphaville, were heavy drug users. It was quite a learning that my parents _did_ have sex a fifth time, begetting my brother. What a disappointment. Do not get me wrong, I knew about New Order and drugs. That is no surprise.

But still, it is a disappointment. Like the one about my brother...well, not quite that bad.

Friday, August 24, 2007

change the constitution

Word has it that if we changed the Oregon Constitution, ODOT could use (formerly labeled) highway funds for transportation funds.

No restraints on our money.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

first ride

This summer I purchased a 1989 Cannondale Touring bike...for $50. Sweet deal, it came with pedals and a pump. I pumped the tires up and adjusted the pads and I was ready to roll. Then I had an elective surgery, which side-lined me. I finally got to ride it today, for a 29 mile ride.

Not only was I a little out of shape after my month hiatus, the bike itself is configured a bit differently than my Felt road bike or my Nishiki single-speed. I think the neck needs to be a bit longer.

Anyway, I rode south on Liberty, down Ankenny Hill and started looking for a logical turnaround. That was until I saw a sign that read "Ankenny Winery - 2 mi." So I rode another two miles to see what that was all about. It was all about wine. Fortunately, so am I. On the way back, a flagger almost stepped into me. How could he miss me? I was in a hot pink jersey on a red bike, so I must have blended in really well. Their signs were well into the bike lane...well, they completely blocked the lane. Nice of them. They must not be familiar with ORS 811.440 ( I do not think they qualify as an official vehicle. Of course, workers in Bend are no different. Check out the ongoing construction on the north end of downtown.

The drivers out there were polite and yielded when necessary and I did my best to stay out of their way.

I was wiped out after the ride...still am. I need to carbo load after the fact with my _is_ the champagne of beers, after all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

salem is moist

Humid. Man, that blows.

The good news is that Salem drivers are a bit more aware of cyclists. The city even posts signs, "No turn from bike lane" meaning, you cannot travel up the side, straddling the bike line, to make your right turn.

Brilliant. Effing brilliant.

Downsides? I get all moist and sweaty when I wear my rain pants.

But that is my problem, not yours.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


I got side-lined with an (snip) elective procedure, precluding me from riding my bike for a few weeks.

I have had to use my wife's car to get around and do my errands. What a drag that is. Fortunately, she has been riding to work to balance my consumption.

I recognize that a bike may not always work. However, it does bum me out that I have to abstain, from riding, for a while. The next time I will be riding is after my return to Salem for school.

Watch out Salem.