Friday, February 1, 2008

done and done

Yesterday I had to give notice at my law firm. A medium sized firm by Salem standards, there are eight attorneys doing mostly insurance defense and some PLF stuff. All of them excellent practitioners and true gentlemen.

While I am bummed about no paychecks coming in, I felt it was necessary to focus on school. No more double trips in for work and classes. I am in for 17 credits this semester, 5 finals and two papers. Something had to give.

The upside, is that with the heavy load, and summer school, I get out of law school a semester early and take the Feb. bar exam next year.

The other upside, is that summer school is in Italy. Florence, Italy, actually. Not bad.

Wife and child are flying to Europe after my finals and we get two weeks to play in southern Germany, Switzerland, and northern Italy. How sweet is that?

I will be sure to report on cycling and commuting over there.

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