Saturday, February 2, 2008


My wife had to buy chains for our Nissan 240 SX (her car is ruby pearl) just to get up the driveway.

Most of the year, we get 30mph+, but in the winter, bad winters mind you, the car sucks for traction as it is rear-wheel drive. It is fun to drive in the summer, challenging in the winter.

Chains just to get up the drive. Dang. Bend has had feet of snow recently. I am surprised the city did not hire her to plow roads with her low profile.

She (my wife) has blood pressure that is so low, she cannot get warm in the winter, otherwise, I would get her studs for her bike.

Old Man Winter wins this round with my family. He has yet to beat me over here in the valley. I did have to walk to school one day recently. I had biked a couple of blocks when i noticed I was biking on ice. I got off and walked most of 1.75 miles. Sketchy to say the least. I need some yaktrax for my bike shoes when I am forced to hoof it.

Wife left the chains on so she can roar off at a moments notice, 14 inches on the streets nothwithstanding. I hope she does not chew up the garage floor.

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